In the “real world” dreams don’t come true. In my life I have been told that things are too far out of reach and that I am wasting my time. In my heart I felt something pulling me in another direction that pushes me to want give my dream a try. Virtual reality let’s me explore new things, places, and even meet new people. It allows me to explore the depths of the ocean, travel around the solar system, or drift in the bloodstream and see first hand how this universe works by becoming immersed in it. Not only is it one of the most educational tools I have ever used, it’s also collaborative. I can’t interact with someone that is across the globe, on a phone call or video chat, the way I can using virtual reality. In Facebook Spaces, one of my favorite VR apps, I am able to interact with others and we can even give each other high fives! 
VR isn’t something you will stayed glued in 24 hours a day. So Don’t get turned off by wearing a device on your face. It may look strange, but once your in the device you don’t even care about what you look like on the outside because what you’re witnessing inside the HMD will make you open your eyes to why this technology is so important. 

Let’s rule out all the myths about VR before we get any deeper. 
1. VR is like a drug

Ok. What isn’t? The smart phone is more dangerous than VR could ever imagine. The reason why I say this is because think about it… our lives are now centered around technology. Our whole life revolves around the connectivity of devices. Social media, email, phone calls, memos, text messages, news, business and memories are all dependant upon connectivity. 

The purpose behind VR isn’t to distract us from life. It’s to help us connect to life and get a deeper understanding don’t of how the universe works.

If learning is like a drug then VR is my dose because the amount of knowledge you absorb by having your senses stimulated by a developed experience hasn’t even been fully researched yet. 

2. It’s not ready

Bullshit! If you have me your address I can teleport there in VR get close enough that if I reached out a little more I could touch the roof. 

It’s ready. Are you? 

Yes. VR Is ready. Go see for yourself… How about that. 

3. AR vs. VR

 Augmented Reality is not in a battle with VR. AR is a digital overlay that augments reality. VR means you are fully immersed in a developed virtual world with no presence of reality. They may be in the same category but they are not in competition. 

4. There’s is not enough quality content

I  beg to differ. There is amazing content out there. The games are impressive! Even the free games, like Robo-Recall and Dead or Buried, are created with quality. The quality is extremely good…. if you say quality isn’t good, what have you tried and what system? How much have you experienced VR? 

5. Motion sickness

This use to be an issue but not anymore. Developers have crafted their skills and eliminated this issue. I can stay in VR for as long as I want. I am very sensitive to the sode effects of poor quality VR that causes motionsickness. I can also vouche for the quality VR that doesnt cause this.

I am proud to say I am.able to witness this industry grow first hand. I get to work with and talk to creative geniuses everday of my life. 

If you haven’t tried VR, or you are just going on hear say then you have no authority to say that the technology isn’t there. 

I am here to help the industry, and I am tired of seeing people bashing something that has the potential to change our world. 

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