Facebook Spaces VR Review & Tips 

Spaces is one of the main apps I use in VR. Right now it is my favorite. Here is a list of things I hope they add and fix. 


  • Support 360 live background 
  • Option to share messenger call screens  
  • More 360’s to explore 
  • A way to pre-reord from within Spaces such as adding an option to record to the selfie stick 
  • Give us the option to record 360 version of Spaces so we can upload everything we are seeing to Facebook as a 360. 
  • Add games such a pictionary
  • Voice changer
  • Be able to play instruments
  • Livestream has issues 
  • Livestream messages doesnt always come through and sometimes they multiply        

Here is the some tips for using Facebook Spaces:

1. To change your background click on the media section on the menu in front of you on your table and click explore reach out and touch one of the options. A globe should appear in front of you. Reach out and grab it and you can either put it in the center of the table or bring it towards your face. 

2. Share your desktop screen. In order to share you desktop screen you just move it to the center of the table. Then you will be prompted to give permission to share your screen. Take the stylus pen and touch the screen asking for permission. 

2. Other people can not hear your messenger calls. There isn’t anything you can do about this yet. Soon you should be able to grant permission. 

3. In order to invite friends in go to the menu on the table and select friends, if any of your friends are in Spaces they will appear on the top row. Touch their image and you can either invite them in or request to join theirs. Accept a request by looking at your left wrist. 

4. In order to recenter look at your right wrist and push the center button. 

5. To clear out things if they get in your way you reach out and grab the item you want to be gone and while holding look at the wrist of the hand it is in. It will give you the option the clear that item. 

Do you have anything you would like to know about Spaces? Is there anything you would like to see added? Or having issues with something I didn’t cover? 



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