Copyright Still Matters Even in Spaces 

I’ve always had this desire to animate myself. When Facebook Spaces came along it swept me off my feet! I can also share Spaces with friends that can join and livestream to the friends the can’t. Facebook Spaces is a virtual reality meeting and interaction space within your Facebook account where your personalised avatar can converse and interact with up to three other Facebook friends, or video call others via Messenger, it also gives the ability to share your computer screen. This article is going to touch base on the legal conerns of copyright violations by sharing your computer screen.
As with any new technology or platform, there are bound to be legal concerns. That’s no different when it comes to live streaming and screen sharing. 

 As a rule of thumb, the following rules apply:
(1) Do not stream any produced content that you do not own. This includes movies, television, music, and other entertainment that is a performance of a work of authorship and is likely subject to copyright protection. To do so will not only likely result in youraccount being shut down, it may also subject you to a copyright infringement lawsuit.
(2) Do not use another company’s registered trademark as a hashtag for your broadcast. These are easily detectable and large corporations are typically very vigilant in monitoring for the unauthorized use of their name.

Keep this in mind when using Spaces or any other livestreaming platform.

Copyright Still Matters Even in Spaces  Comments

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